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“My name is Doreen Gill and I am the owner of Cradles to Crayons. Having owned a child care business for the last 16 years, I understand the importance of continued education for parents and staff members. I also know that the subject matter and the presentation of that subject matter is crucial. Our staff has had the pleasure of attending a workshop presented by Cindy. When planning the workshop, Cindy was involved from the start. Her enthusiasm for her work is apparent and that very enthusiasm created an environment at her workshop that was contagious. Her presentation involved conversation, interaction and role playing which help to demonstrate a new way to view a parent’s concern. Cindy helped our staff to see that teacher/parent communication is a key factor to operating a successful classroom environment. She encouraged them to not judge a parent’s concern but instead to take a step back, analyze a concern and then approach it with understanding. Cindy reminded our staff of their value in a child’s life and the importance of keeping our emotions in check as children learn from our own behavior. The workshop was very valuable and Cindy’s approach was outstanding. She created such a positive atmosphere that was truly refreshing.”
-Doreen Gill, Cradles to Crayons
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“Cindy provided me with tools and resources that helped me to change my relationship with my children, and within a few days of utilizing her strategies I noticed that my kids were happier and more affectionate. Working with Cindy has allowed me to realize why my rewards, consequences and behavior charts were not achieving long-term results. She helped me see an alternative way of parenting that has improved my relationship with my children and has brought the fun back into everyday activities. I see improvement in my daughter’s self-esteem, my toddler’s frustration and my overall level of stress. Cindy has a fresh perspective on parenting that makes so much more sense than the conventional parenting approaches and has been so much more effective for my family.”

“I have a wonderful and loving son who is 9 years old and who lives with me and due to unfortunate circumstances we are in the middle of a custody arrangement/situation. There have been a few times when my son has what I call “meltdowns”. I know that he has these “meltdowns” because he becomes frustrated by things that happen in his life and he doesn’t know how to express himself when something is really bothering him. My sons “meltdowns” include hitting, kicking, biting, throwing pillows and screaming and yelling at me. Cindy has been helpful in providing ways that can help me to extinguish his anger in a peaceful effective way. One very important thing she has told me is not to yell back at him, anger on anger does not work, it only intensifies the situation. I have learned that I need to be a model for my son so I have learned to quickly calm myself before addressing my son’s needs. Then following Cindy’s instruction I assess what has been going on, watch his facial and body language and address his needs to calm him. This has helped. Within a few minutes his anger has mostly gone away and we can then discuss what is bothering him and help find a resolution so it does not happen again. We both feel much better.”

“It was really great having those sessions with you. I know I didn’t come with extreme issues – but in the moment, the lack of listening, etc feels like its extreme. It was great to learn how to help control my reaction to my children which in turn improves their response to me. It’s something I will definitely keep in mind going forward. Your calming voice and explanations really helped me! Thanks so much.”

“Working with Cindy has allowed for more ease and joy in my daily interactions with my kids. Through our weekly phone conversations, I’ve been able to take a step back and view my parenting style and challenges with a fresh, objective and non-judgmental eye. Changes come more easily when you start by recognizing your challenges but give yourself plenty of grace and room to grow in the process! Cindy consistently provided compassionate insight and we were able to troubleshoot concrete, workable solutions that I could implement right away with my kids.”

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