Parenting can be a wonderful yet a challenging adventure. Through conscious parenting you can turn your relationship with your child around. What we do, right now, as parents matters in a really big way. It is the single most important job that you will have in your lifetime and there is no time to waste.

Lets connect if you know in your heart that you want to scale up your parenting skills and want a life where you can

  • connect with your child
  • empower your child to thrive, love and have success and self-esteem
  • where you can set healthy cooperative limits

As a parent seeking more from your relationship with your child, you can fill your toolbox by taking:

  • consequences and punishments and replacing them with clearly defined values and expectations
  • conflicts between you and your child and replacing this by being in partnership with your child through ANY conflicts you face

Based on the results I’ve achieved in my own family and the transformations I’ve helped to facilitate on the part of my clients, I’ve put together a step-by-step path for any committed parent who wants the same results in their family, with their children…

Introducing “The Bring Harmony Home Parenting Method”

A 3 month one-on-one coaching engagement to help you learn how to parent without yelling, punishing or threatening so you can enjoy being a parent and really connect with your kids.

I’ve created a 9 step process called “The Bring Harmony Home Parenting Method” to help you parent from a place of peace  — no more yelling, punishing and threatening.

Here are the steps:

STEP ONE: Letting Go of the Way You Were Parented
Here we look at how you’re own childhood experience is affecting your parenting. It’s amazing how learning from your own experience as a child transforms your own parenting. It takes awareness. Once you know better, you do better. No more yelling, threatening or punishing.

STEP TWO: Parenting from YOUR Family’s Values
Coming together to agree upon, and define your family values becomes the foundation for your parenting. When your child asks you for something you can reflect back on your family values for the answer. Knowing your family values is like having a captain at the helm of the ship during turbulent times.

STEP THREE: Working with Empathy, Feeling and Needs
In this step you’ll learn how to use a new language of connection that will resolve conflict between you, your child, and siblings. When you know how to express genuine empathy, you teach your child how to do the same. This along with the ability to connect and understand your feelings and needs as well as your child’s, will bring about less conflict in your home.
STEP FOUR: Understanding Brain Development
In this step you learn the crucial difference between parenting from your “middle” and your “higher” brain. You’ll learn how your brain impacts your parenting — yours and your child’s. All so that you can parent from the part of your brain that is calm, centered, creative, open so you can stop the cycle of punishing and yelling.

STEP FIVE: Forgiveness & Parenting                                                                                    In this step you learn to identify, process and move through your anger. You also learn to become comfortable with your child’s big emotions like frustration and anger! You learn how to teach him to move through his own big feelings while not reacting to them.

STEP SIX: Empowered Conversations
It’s about being clear about what you want. You’ll learn how to get your needs met from a peaceful and empowered place (these techniques can be taught to your child as well, a skillset they do not learn in school). When you learn this life skill you get rid of resentment and conflict in your home.

STEP SEVEN: Setting Limits that Peacefully Stick
Limits are not threats or punishments. It’s about taking the child’s feelings and needs into account without punishment, blame. When you set limits with your child you build long lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

STEP EIGHT: Recovering from Mistakes and Finding Forgiveness
Let’s be honest, we all lose our stuff from time to time. All of us! In this step you learn how to own your mistakes, talk to your kids in a productive way, make amends and move on. By practicing this method you are modeling healthy repair after the rupture and instilling a sense of peace within your family.

STEP NINE: Emotional Intelligence
In this step we bring all the lessons together to understand and embrace emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional Intelligence grows and develops through the experiences your child has with you.. You learn how to foster an environment that invites open communication between parent and child so your kids know they can always come to you.

You learn how to create ideal conditions for your child’s emotional and brain development so he can make good decisions now and in the future. Teamwork is possible when a child feels heard!

Work with me via phone and email from the privacy of your own home or office “Creating Connection and Harmony in your Home”

When you enroll in the program, you’ll get:

  • Three months of individual VIP attention with an empathetic, non-judgmental listener; objective support from a coach who knows what is needed to make the transition.
  • Twelve weekly 60-minute phone coaching sessions leading you through the structured “The Bring Harmony Home Parenting Method” to meet YOUR family goals.
  • Audio recordings and written exercises designed to bring clarity and understanding to the process of mindful parenting. Created to have an immediate impact on your family as you implement the tools. As you practice what you’ve learned you will then bring your family experiences to the private coaching session where we’ll work thru barriers and celebrate success.
  • Customizable, self paced exercises for your family, based on YOUR goals, designed to introduce new concepts to your family, introduce family values, open up communication and allow everyone to feel heard.

All phone conversations, your assignments and your personal information is 100% confidential. Contact us for more information.

Workshops & Seminars

Repairenting offers one and three hour workshops and seminars for parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers and childcare centers. These workshops are customized for groups of a minimum of five people.

Workshops and seminars provide a safe and supportive environment that uses real-life examples to help participants learn how to manage situations that trigger old responses and break the cycle of reactive parenting. As a result of participating in this program, individuals will gain new empowering insights and transform their relationship with their children or the children they care for. This will allow them to create deep connections, encourage cooperation and bring harmony back into their lives.

The variety of topics related to parenting workshops:

  • How to create a foundation for a deeper connection with your children through the use of 7 peaceful tools
  • Redefining your parenting skill-set to encourage mindfulness, compassion and empathy
  • Why consequences and punishment don’t work
  • Setting limits that peacefully stick
  • Dealing with anger and embracing forgiveness
  • Bridging the gap through play
  • “Having it all” – finding a healthy balance between your responsibilities at work and home

The workshops and seminar requests come from school communities and groups where parents are involved. However, these seminars can also be customized for corporate settings that wish to create a supportive environment for parents and guardians.

Seminars will be interactive and usually run for 1-3 hours. Contact us for more information.