dearfriendAs a single parent I really wished I had a “How To Parent” Book. Instructions on how to raise the perfect kid. As time went by, I realized there is no such thing as a perfect kid. What was I thinking? The stress of it all. I came to find out I was not alone. There are many parents out there that were looking for answers. In fact, I did not have to parent alone.

It wasn’t always that way though. A few years back, my son and I were constantly yelling and cooperation was out the window. I felt like I was loosing my son. I felt like I was failing my son.

Then one evening as I was stressing over all of this, my son decided to have a melt down because he didn’t want to take a shower before bed.

I was yelling at him. And he was screaming back at me. I was so furious with him for yelling! Then it hit me: I was yelling at him for yelling at me! I realized I was teaching him to be reactive and angry.

He was seven.  My thoughts at the time, “If this is how we were behaving now , where will we be in 5, 10 or 20 years?”

I was angry, afraid and frustrated A LOT. There was so much guilt and shame.

The “joys” of parenting were few and far between.

How was I going to raise a boy into a compassionate, responsible, honorable, educated young man if I couldn’t even get him to take a shower?

Nothing challenged me more than being a parent. I did not have a support system to rely on. So I had my cry, picked myself up, yet again, put on the mommy happy face and decided I needed help, fast. No more reacting. I needed a plan of action.

I became proactive and I began to read, take classes in parenting and human physiology and began to get answers. I came across the Jai Institute for Parenting and through the guidance of Jolette Jai, her educational courses and compassionate support, I found those answers and a lot of them. I saw changes in myself and the solutions were working for my son. Soon I began to see the light, and the cooperation and love of my son. We both began to Smile and Laugh a whole lot more!

I didn’t have to be the perfect mom, it was ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are just that, mistakes. We must take responsibility for them, make our necessary corrections, forgive and move on as parents. By learning to keep our hearts and eyes open, by trusting in ourselves and our ability to make wise and loving decisions, we can be a wonderful role models for our children. This is what I teach parents, in a safe environment without judgment and with a compassionate and empathetic ear.

I would be honored to help you achieve the same breakthroughs in your parenting and bring happiness and harmony back home!

Ready to raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children who are self-confident, responsible and happy?

Ready to enjoy parenting?

Ready to connect with your kids?

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