If you’re wondering how Repairenting can help you be an extraordinary parent you can schedule a session with Cindy to discover the wonderful potential we can help you and your family achieve.

Are you ready to invest in YOUR FAMILY?

One of my mentors said this to me…

“There is one guarantee in life…if you don’t change anything, nothing will change.”

So are you ready to invest in your connection to your kids?

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for a complimentary “Connection Discovery Session” and find out how you can enjoy parenting and stop relying on yelling, punishments, or threats. I offer a limited number of these complimentary connection discovery sessions per month (this evaluation is valued at $125!)…to a few parents who believe they deserve to enjoy parenting and know that something has to change.

During this FREE session, I will spend time with you over the phone helping you get the clear about your biggest challenge in parenting  – and what it’s costing you. I’ll help you pinpoint exactly what you want for your family and what that looks like. You’ll leave the strategy session with a clear vision for your family.
We will talk about why manipulation and control (threats and rewards) don’t work and how to stop.

We will talk about how your childhood affects your parenting today. Important to note-it doesn’t matter what kind of childhood you had-good, bad, fun, stressful, traumatic, amazing…we all bring our childhood to our parenting. The secret is not in the kind of childhood you had, but rather how those experiences trigger your parenting today. If that sounds overwhelming or scary…have no fear!

I create a safe space to explore and help you figure it out!

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