Have You Ever Asked Yourself These Questions?

If you are a parent of a young child or tween, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions and many more:

  • Why won’t my child listen?
  • How can I stop my child from hitting his sister?
  • Why do I have to yell to get my child motivated?
  • Is it normal to be this frustrated as a parent?
  • Why does my child do these things? Is it me?

Are you tired of hearing yourself say “no” over and over again? Have you ever bribed your child with a toy, cookie or used consequences to get your child to cooperate with you?

Have you thought: What are my options? Is there another way to do this parenting job? Where can I find some effective parenting tips and strategies to make this easier?

I know what you are going through. I am a parent too. Our job as a parent is to be there for our kids, to relate to them and be a part of their world as much as we possibly can. Our job is to understand them, support them, to recognize them and to create a safe space for them to learn and grow. It is our job to make it safe for them to express ANYTHING they need to express without fear.

Yet, life still happens! Conflicts will occur, but instead of pitting your power against that of your child, you can join forces to get results in a way that works for both of you!
Think about it this way, what if

…  YOU no longer feel the urge to yell at your kids?

…  YOU witness more cooperation between your kids?

…  YOU can’t remember the last time your child had a meltdown?

… your daughter is opening up to You about how she really feels?

… your kids are ready for school in the morning on their own?

… finally YOU are truly enjoying parenting and feel connected to your children?

The truth is this:

How you parent your kids is how they will parent theirs.

You have an opportunity to impact your family for the better for years — even generations — to come.


What would this new way of parenting be worth to you this month? This year? In your lifetime?

Think about how much money you’re spending RIGHT NOW on things that are short-term diversions (treats for behaving, rewards for doing what you asked, apps to entertain, and the cost of taking things away at the wrong time) but have no lasting impact on the relationships with your kids.

The big question is…Are you ready to invest in YOUR FAMILY?

Our Repairenting coaching virtual course was created just for that, effective parenting tips and parenting strategies– to help you transform the atmosphere in your home for the better, now, to allow you to truly enjoy the experience of parenting, and finally Bring Harmony Home!